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Is the fear of selling holding you back from living your dream life?

Learn to sell what you are passionate about… and build the life of your dreams

The sell Like Hell Masterclass is a 5-day journey that will teach you how to sell confidently without hesitation. Invest 30 minutes a day for 5 days , and experience the transformation.

The sell Like Hell Masterclass is a 5-day journey that will teach you how to sell confidently without hesitation. Invest 30 minutes a day for 5 days , and experience the transformation.

Sign up now to unlock the Bonuses worth Rs. 6994 /-. The workshop starts from October 24th, Sunday.

Change your limiting beliefs about Sales

Selling is about helping people solve their problems. Once you make this mindset shift, everything becomes so much easier.

Make a Premium Sale!

Learn how to pitch your products/services to clients and make your first Premium Sale during the course of the workshop!

Stop overthinking and become an action taker

Stuck in a rut? Thinking doesn’t help. The only way to get out of a rut is by taking massive action. These 5 days will help you actually implement what you learned.

Build a business around your passion

You already have the skills. Learn to sell them. The 5-day journey will help you sell the product of the service that you are passionate about.

5 Star Rated

By thousands of


Indian sales

11 Hours+

High Value


Unlimited Lifetime

“I did not know anything about the art of selling. Swastik managed to change my relationship with it. I can now sell what I am passionate about. I just went from 20k in Sept 2020 to 50L in Feb 2021”
Nikhil Bahel

Sign up now to unlock the Bonuses worth Rs. 6994 /-. The workshop starts from October 24th (5:45PM), Sunday.

What will be covered in the Masterclass

DAY 01

Kickoff Call

We start the workshop with a kick-off call, where I get to meet you all. We will set intentions for the coming 5 days so that you get the maximum value… and make that sale happen!

DAY 02

Beliefs about Selling

The real stuff begins. We start by acknowledging our beliefs about Sales and how we can change them. We then start with the Customer Graduation System This will help you define your ideal customers and also the customers that you want to stay away from!

Day 03

Objection handling

Day 3 is all about handling different objections that prospects raise. These objections are the real deal killers. Learn to address them like a pro and close that sale. Also, today, you will make your first sale!

Day 04

The SMS System Masterclass

On Day 4, the powerful SMS system makes its way to you. During this session, we will talk about the close relationship between Sales and Marketing… and how you can build an engine that gets you leads and helps you close them.

DAY 05


The final day is action-packed with a Megaworkshop where I’m going to teach you the Art Of Pulling Sales for you .We also talk about how the old methods of sales are costing you, the New Age Selling Method, and making 3 times the revenue from a single customer.

Bonuses when you sign up

Bonus 1 - Sell Like Hell Audiobook

The Sell Like Hell audiobook is your go-to guide for goal-setting, leveraging social media, and attracting the right customers.

Bonus 2 - Book of Templates

This is a Book of templates for all the key topics discussed in the Sell Like Hell Audiobook.

Listen to some of our Recent Sales Superstars

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It changed my relationship with sales

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I applied the learnings of the course and made my first income.

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I define my business as Pre Swastik Era & Post Swastik Era!

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I got clarity about my own business!

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Listen to some of our Recent Sales Superstars

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Swastik gave me a direction

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The Masterclass influenced me about Branding

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Swastik helped me with my positioning, marketing, and sales

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I am now getting tons of clients!

Why Learn From You?

I am Swastik Nandakumar.

And I am on a mission to help small businesses make more money in less time.

I have Co-founded a community of action taking entrepreneurs creating a massive impact – called Offbeat Entrepreneurs League.

My journey began as an engineer. But Business Lifestyle always intrigued me. It led me to explore 9 different industries like Music, Dropshipping, Construction and more.

I started various businesses Like an Online Jewelry Store, a Music Blog, an Interior Design Company, Dropshipping of Wooden phone cases, and more.


But, I most enjoyed working as a Growth Consultant for MNCs. In that phase, I realized I wanted to help multiple businesses grow at once. And this roller coaster journey led me to YOU.


I personally invite you to join the ‘Sell Like Hell’ Masterclass.


But my reason for inviting you is Selfish.


I want to be happy. And my happiness lies in helping my students and clients grow their business. And perfect the art of New Age Selling.


I know you want to grow your business. Or become a Sales Superstar in your current profession. So why not let me help you achieve this!

Experiences of people who enrolled for Sell Like Hell Masterclass

What Happens After I complete the 5 Day Masterclass?

You get invited to my private Facebook group of energetic and action taking entrepreneurs. People of all age groups have taken this masterclass. And they are reaping the benefits in real life. 


Besides, everyone is super-helpful. You get included in a community of passionate people who are ready to change their lives and of those around them.

Recent Graduates of Sell Like Hell Masterclass

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Sign up now to unlock the Bonuses worth Rs. 6994 /-

Bonus / Sell Like Hell Audiobook

PRICED AT 4997/-

An audiobook which contains all the necessary nuances you need to know to excel in Selling.

Bonus / Book of templates

PRICED AT 1997/-

A book of templates on ALL the topics covered in Sell Like Hell Audiobook.

You will be getting a lot!!

Not often do you get the opportunity to SAVE time & money, both. But this is one of those rare opportunities. Grab this with both your hands before time runs out!

Time Is Running Out. Grab Your Spot Fast!

*Price will increase to Rs 2000 after the timer hits zero

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at: [email protected] My amazing support team will reply within 6 hours. 🙂

Till when I can access this course?

You get Lifetime access to this course.

How long are the course videos?

Including the course content and the assignments, you will have to invest just 30-45 minutes on a daily basis.

I am a Student. Can I join?

Yes, you can. If you have a business idea or aspiration to become an entrepreneur or want to learn Sales - you should definitely join.

When will the Masterclass happen?

The Art of pulling sales MASTERCLASS is on the 5th Day. Swastik will see you live at 8:00 PM. Block your calendar!

Can I get a refund for this course?

This is a non-refundable course. But I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in this masterclass, and learn a lot from it!

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